Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blah blah blah....

Not feeling well recently...
maybe is becoz of the due date of assignment coming closer and closer and it's just tmr lol
or maybe of something that visit monthly
or maybe of too much stress mixed with all the reason above LOL
Watever...i m not feeling wellllllllll- -!
shouldn't eat that much cold n spicy things, but i just love to eat them lolllllll

Yesterday just celebrated my sis n bro's birthday lol
oreo cake :DDDDD
and feel so guilty after ate the 9pm lol
My bro said he wan to eat KFC...phew, luckily my mom had cook the dinner lol
but still feel a bit disappointed lolllll

Oh ya, not to forget to mention that,
I had got my GIMS account for library assistant :D
That probably mean i m a qualified LA now and get paid,no more free working lollllll
Say CONGRATULATION to me lah, no matter how-.- 
Feel so happy about it, maybe just few hours lah...coz got assignment to submit-.-
A lot gonna submit and lots of class test tooooooo

Christmas is coming soon!! Just after the doomsday lollll
They say at the doomsday don't go out and stay at home...
So, shall we go to uni for our classes?XDDDD
((someone is planning to skip class again lol
No matter how, life goes on.
My penguin saying hi to Christmas;D
To Mr.Santa Claus, pls get me a bf who is as handsome as me lolllll*daydream*
Just kidding lahxD
Don't really want a bf right now coz don't know wat kind of trouble will bring by him lolllll
So that, Friends pls treat me better, stop bullying me, treat me makan,shopping,and travel?;p

I'm sooooo hungry now lol
want to eat my dinner liao:D
Later will continue fighting with my ECG assignment...
most of my classmates done and i tot i m the few who haven't done yet lolllll
apologize for my laziness *look sad*

ok done,my mom calling me to eat my dinner yeah~
the happiest moment is when u r starving and got someone to cook for u lolllll

See u:)


  1. I will send u a bf next year for your birthday present kay? Hahaha

  2. No ned u worried about tat~~u better get urself a gf lah lol!!