Saturday, August 2, 2008

A bad day?!

dunno wat can say aledi...
so bad...
when i pretend sleep at hostel...
i heard that...
my roomate say that she don't like to wake me up!!
(actually i am sleeping at my fren's bed after my fren go home)
wat can i say...
i know i am difficult to wake up
and my face would look black...
i just wan somebody to wake me up!!
i trust her
but she say she don't like tat...
u think i like sleep still sweet sweet
and then wake by somebody??
very angry
and feel sad
i don't like her at all aledi
although she is my roomate
i hate her
she only talking about my bad things behind me
and in front of me
she smile and talk to me nice
how can a ppl like tat one
if u don't like my act or something
u can say to me
although i will feel unhappy
but i will keep the word that u say in my heart
and remember it
please never talk about the thing u don't like me behind me
and very please
dun let me hear
i will sad and dislike u
so bad
but also got thing hapi...
that is ...
my fren's roomate fan bo her when she say i am so difficult to wake
my fren's roomate...thank you very much
i will remember the thing u done
and also the thing u done to me when i sleep
(how can u try to open my xxx and sing beside me when i sleep!!!)
watever lah
that all the thing i wanna say...
just wanna write it out...
this is written by me...Lee Sze Lam...
that's all~~

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